Regional WEH Chapters

Collective Wisdom - Thought Leadership

The WEH - Forged from the 40+ years of HNW Family consulting successes of our core organization -
The Wealth Engineering Institute

Headed up by a Chapter Chairman and a committee of seasoned professionals, each WEH Chapter coordinates with local WEH Expert Sourcing Firms and Chartered Wealth Advisors to integrate with and serve local Families and Businesses.

Chapters synchronize with and utilize the WealthEngineeringTM Process to help amplify the perpetual value and success of families by helping them engineer all of their capital - financial, business, charitable and human - with their needs, concerns and objectives. 

In conjunction with all WEH resources and coupled with local ES Partner Firms and other professionals, Chapters conduct varying types of local Families of Wealth and Centers of Influence gatherings covering multiple issues.