Expert Sourcing Firms

In coordination with single and multi-family offices and their advisors

The FWH - Forged from the 40+ years of HNW Family consulting successes of our core organization - The Financial Engineering Institute

In conjunction with FWH Chapters located across the Globe, Expert Sourcing (ES) Firms are a well orchestrated community of carefully selected, multi-disciplined organizations integrated within the FWH Ecosystem.

ES Firms synchronize with our WealthEngineeringTM Process to help amplify the perpetual value and success of families and their advisors by helping them engineer all of their capital - financial, business, charitable and human - with their needs, concerns and objectives. ES Firms fuse advanced knowledge and human dynamics with sound engineering principles - engineering solid foundations for successful families and their various enterprises.

In addition, FWH is the governing body and grantor of a professional designation - The Chartered  Family Wealth Advisor (ChFWA). Qualified professionals of ES Firms can expand their family wealth knowledge and enhance their skill sets by participating in and satisfying all requirements of the rigorous program.


Expert Sourcing Firms - In partnership with other advisors:

  • Help in developing, implementing and maintaining harmony within successful families through continuous, positive and intelligent action.
  • Are sensitive to the hopes, dreams, fears, desires, values and feelings of family members as well as overall family problem sets and pain points.
  • Assist families to more effectively control and use all of their family capital in order to take care of, and enhance, their families, their businesses and their causes.
  • Guide families in maintaining control of what they have while attaining more and reducing their exposure to the harmful effects of uncontrollable outside forces.
  • They think dynamically while using simple practicality to amplify the perpetual value and success of families.