Expert Sourcing Firm Benefits

Collective Wisdom - Thought Leadership

The WEH - Forged from the 40+ years of HNW Family consulting successes of our core organization - The Wealth Engineering Institute

  • Integrated into the WealthEngineeringTM   HubTM Dashboard infrastructure - Utilization by hundreds of Family Offices
  • Access to the ES Firm Dashboard - the ES Firm Connector Forum.
  • Ability to provide Knowledge Center content and participate in:

             • Monthly Podcasts             • Monthly Newsletters

             • Whitepapers                      • Weekly Teleconferences

             • Videos & Presentations     Monthly Webinars

  • Three "Showcase Topic Teleconferences" per year
  • Logo placement on all Monthly Newsletters and various Announcements and event invitations.
  • Participation in our Family Forums as well as Spring and Fall National Gatherings: Sponsorship - Presenting.
  • Branded Online Page and Link in the Expert Sourcing Firm Categorized Directory - Placement within all WEH Dashboards.
  • Clickable Logo included on all Family and Business Newsletters, Journals, Announcements and Invitations.
  • Tuition Fee reduction regarding the Chartered WealthEngineeringTM Advisor professional designation program.